Alexander von Humboldt Professorship awarded to Holger Hoos


Germany's highest endowed research prize in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) goes to Professor Holger Hoos. Holger Hoos, who will join RWTH in January, is considered a pioneer in automated configuration and in the selection and performance prediction of algorithms for challenging problems in AI.


Holger Hoos is a formative figure in the field of Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) with his research. Research on Automated Machine Learning refers to applications that run certain machine learning (ML) processes, such as data preparation or even ML algorithm selection. Hoos research has had real-world applications, such as an automated vulnerability check on Amazon's customer cloud networks.

The Alexander von Humboldt Professorship is a prize awarded since 2008 by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The award is given to world-renowned scientists and, with an endowment of 5 million euros, is the most highly endowed research grant in Germany.

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