Rayleigh Medal to Professor Michael Vorländer


We would like to congratulate Professor Michael Vorländer from the Chair of Technical Acoustics on being awarded the Rayleigh Medal for his research. The Rayleigh Medal is the highest award of the British Institute of Acoustics and is given annually to a renowned researcher in the field of acoustics.


Professor Michael Vorländer studies the generation, propagation and reduction of sound at the Chair of Technical Acoustics. To this end, techniques for both measuring and simulating sound are used. With the help of the acquired data, the physics of complex acoustic scenes can be investigated on the one hand, and on the other hand, such scenes can be efficiently generated and controlled with software. The presentation is then either purely acoustic with headphone or loudspeaker systems or as part of immersive, multimodal VR systems. Tools include methods for numerical sound propagation calculation, audio signal processing, and spatial playback methods (Spatial Audio), which are the acoustic components of VR technologies in real-time implementations.