New Future Cluster “NeuroSys” in Aachen


With its “Clusters4Future” initiative, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the NeuroSys project led by Professor Max Lemme with € 45 million.

It is a part of our daily lives: quickly draining smartphone and smartwatch batteries and the never ending discussions about the range of electric cars. Not to mention mega-computer mainframes and so-called “Cloud-Services” have an enormous energy usage. The main goal of the NeuroSys project is the progress and exploitation of resource saving neuromorphic hardware to be used for artificial intelligence. Thus the research is an important requirement for concepts like autonomous driving or personalized medicine. The competent facility in Aachen - Jülich will guarantee the technological independence of Germany and Europe in this ethically sensitive area. Professor Max Lemme from the Chair of Electronic Components and Managing Director of AMO GmbH will be coordinating the research.

The competition “Clusters4Future” is part of the German Government`s High-Tech Strategy 2025. Goal of the competition is to find solutions to current challenges in regional innovation networks. The government awards the winners with up to 5 million Euro in sponsorship. Among the 137 submissions of which seven facilities were named winners, two clusters were from the RWTH and their partners.

Congratulations to Professor Max Lemme and his team! We wish you further success!

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