First RISC-V Processor - "Made in Germany" By ICT and Embedded Systems (ICE)


Headed by Prof. Dr. Rainer Leupers, the Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems (ICE) at RWTH Aachen University has contributed to the HENSOLDT Cyber MiG-V, the first secure RISC-V microprocessor Made in Germany. 


The team at ICE developed an advanced and scalable logic encryption scheme to protect the MiG-V against malicious hardware modifications, such as hardware Trojans, ensuring full control of the chip throughout the design and production chain. The processor is based on an open-source 64-bit RISC-V core and can be used together with the formally verified seL4 operating system, enabling a secure hardware-software platform for security-critical applications. This unique secure-by-design processor offers a simple and trustworthy solution to meet the ever growing demand for safe and secure execution of programs, e.g. securing your personal messages, or guaranteeing the correct behavior of an aircraft autopilot.