ICT at M-Days 2014 in Frankfurt

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On 13 and 14 May 2014 the M-Days with over 4400 visitors took place at the Frankfurt fair. Upon invitation the profile area ICT was represented by the IMA/ZLW & IfU of RWTH Aachen University among over 140 international others exhibitors.

  Stephan Printz presented the humanoid robot "RS-Media" at the M-Days in Frankfurt. Copyright: © Sandra Gätke

Around the topic “Mobile Technologies” innovative solutions from the fields of Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile Health, Augmented Reality and further application areas were presented. The highlight of the M-Days was the robot-exhibit of the Institute Cluster. The exhibit RS-Media is a humanoid first generation robot and enables a far-reaching human-machine interaction. The primary application area of the RS Media is the DLR School Lab Aachen, which is affiliated to the Cluster. There, the highly complex processes of the human walk are demonstrated in an experiment. A special challenge is to balance the robot multi-body system by controlling particular mechanical components. Fascinated of this Live-Act, the visitors had a chance to get in contact with the species “robots”. Besides inspiring discussions and scientific exchange the visitors seemed to be impressed by the competence profile of the Institute Cluster. The utilisation of synergies between human and machine learning processes opened up entirely new worlds according to the visitors. In their opinion this approach represents the beginning of a new era of human-machine cohabitation of human. Because of the presence at the M-Days many new high-quality industry contacts could be established and potential cooperations initiated. For further inquiries concerning the participation in the M-Days please contact .