What comes next? Those interested in working research after they graduate often go on to complete a doctorate.  At ICT, completing a doctorate is seen as the first step of a professional career and for this reason is very application oriented.



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Research and Innovation

At the ICT profile area, more than one hundred institutes research on a broad range of ICT related topics. They include work in research topics that are very relevant to modern society. Information and Communication Technologies as one of the key technologies of the 21st century are advancing into almost all research fields of the existing profile areas. Innovations in the areas of algorithms, communication networks, knowledge processing, electronics and microelectronics are used in a variety of applications and decisively determine the technical progress today. In particular, the demand for smart technologies and systems is constantly growing and conquering ever new application areas.

PhD at ICT

Top-level research, international projects and interdisciplinary collaboration shape our academic profile and form the basis of our success within the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments. Would you like to play a part in our future success? You can find more information on the department's research projects on the websites of the respective research groups.