Master of Science

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The RWTH Aachen provides a broad range of master's degree programs in the field of information and communication technologies, responding to the versatility of this business area. There are currently eight master programs, that provide in-depth knowledge, skills and methods in ICT.


A main targed of the courses is to expand professional skills and at the same time develop individual profiles through a variety of freely selectable modules. The broad positioning in Aachen enables the graduates to continuously respond to new requirements, in order to benefit from the manifold opportunities of the labor market. For further information on content, course and career prospects of the respective degree programs, follow the links below:

Computer Science M.Sc.

Software Systems Engineering M.Sc.

Computational Engineering Science M.Sc.

Electrical Enginieering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering M.Sc.

Technical-Communication M.Sc.

In addition, the RWTH established two specializations held exclusively in English, which make studying particularly attractive for international students.

Communications Engineering

Media Informatics M.Sc.

Software Systems Engineering M.Sc.

Data Science M.Sc.