Researcher Portraits


Researchers from more than one hundred ICT institutes are working at RWTH on solutions for the challenges of the future. Our portrait series provides insights into the careers and research work of individual researchers in our profile section. Here we will soon present further researchers who exemplify ICT research at RWTH Aachen University.


Alexandru Kampmann

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Better and better driving systems are made possible by the development of complex software. In a few years, research should help us to make mobile life easier, safer and more agile. To achieve this, new technologies for sustainable vehicle systems are needed.The following article takes a closer look at why modular software architectures are the basis for novel, dynamic mobility concepts, what the road of the future will look like, and what contribution Alexandru Kampmann is making to this.


Jonathan Ehret

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In the coming years, science and technology in virtual reality promise us new ways of entertainment and communication. The possibilities seem unlimited to us. Jonathan Ehret and his team at the Chair of Computer Graphics and Multimedia are asking themselves how we can interact with virtual humans in the future. The project approaches the question of how to create a virtual conversation. In the following article, Jonathan Ehret reveals how he came up with the topic in the first place and what the goal of his research is.


André Calero Valdez und Julian Hildebrandt

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In the article before last, we talked about visions of the future in the automotive industry and Alexandru Kampmann told us how we could make mobile life easier. What if we could imagine these visions pictorially. From visions, we could create our own realities. However, virtual reality has a catch, the spatial limits of our living rooms. The team around André Calero Valdez and Julian Hildebrandt introduces us to a solution approach based on manipulating the user's walking direction in the following article.


Andra Voicu

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Last month the Young Researcher Award 2019 was given to Andra Voicu. Her outstanding research convinced the ICT Committee without hesitation. Andra’s work is focused on the design of sharing radio frequencies for future wireless networks. She tells in the following interview what motivates her to do this research.