Major Topics

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Information and communication technologies are a key technology of the 21st century that are represented in all research areas, and they particularly bundle expertise from computer science and electrical engineering. Innovations in a wide variety of fields, such as algorithms, are needed in many application areas and play a key role in determining technical progress. A wide variety of devices and machines are increasingly being equipped with sensors, actuators and software that enable them to collect, analyze and exchange information in order to independently trigger actions or activate other systems. Intelligent technologies therefore offer high potential for optimizing efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and safety in process operations. They thus form the basis for sustainable and economic success in almost all industries but place enormous demands on research and development. In addition to the technical aspects, social criteria such as acceptance and protection of privacy must also be considered. This requires interdisciplinary collaboration across disciplinary boundaries. ICT is firmly anchored in strong research groups with a good reputation, such as computer vision or speech recognition. The profile area is established in strong research structures, for example through cooperation with the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and various research initiatives. In addition, there are cooperations with industrial companies located in the immediate vicinity of Aachen, as well as supra-regional cooperations. The ICT is internationally renowned and has a strong interdisciplinary character, for example through the excellence clusters IoP, ML4Q but also through PHS and NeuroIC.