General Information


Excellent fundamental research as a success of the profile areas

The Profile Areas are designed to address interdisciplinary topics and thus to enhance the University’s capability to engage in significant research activities and take on large-scale projects.

By further developing these profile areas, the University seeks to:

  • Improve the communication and exchange of ideas between scientists and optimize workflows
  • Pool scientific expertise and improve the alignment and integration of research activities
  • Create new opportunities to integrate existing initiatives and encourage the bottom-up generation of ideas
  • Foster and promote inter-faculty development planning initiatives and improve the potential to successfully address new interdisciplinary questions and problems
  • Enhance the scientific profile of the University, both at the national and international level.

The success of the Profile Areas must be based on excellent fundamental research conducted at the level of the individual disciplines.

The success and significance of the Profile Areas are measured using performance indicators, such as publications, international recognition of research results, and external funding.

  Expected development of the profile areas at RWTH Aachen University (2010 - 2020)

Expected development of the profile areas at RWTH Aachen University (2010 - today)


The University has established eight Profile Areas:

Energy, Chemical & Process Engineering

Information & Communication Technology

Material Science & Engineering

Medical Science & Technology

Mobility & Transport Engineering

Modeling & Simulation Science

Molecular Science & Engineering

Production Engineering