Embedded & Distributed Systems


Distributed computing systems resemble the classical definition of distributed systems with High Performance Computing (HPC) or the “Cloud” as key embodiments. HPC is covered of the CompSE profile area therefore it will not be considered here. Although there are also individual Cloud research projects, more dominating at RWTH is the use of cloud-based services in various application domains. Discussion of these activities should be discussed in the profile areas covering the corresponding applications

Distributed pervasive systems may be defined as: Emerging next-generation of distributed systems in which nodes are small, mobile, and often embedded in a larger system, characterized by the fact that the system naturally blends into the user’s environment. In this domain RWTH has strong research activities. Embedded systems, a further area of strong research at RWTH, are a main constituent of distributed pervasive systems (DPS). Thus, both topics will be discussed jointly in the following.

Activities comprise both fundamental research and research targeting DSP for specific applications. The latter is highly interdisciplinary as it requires joint research with experts in the application domain. Application examples are automation of complex power systems (EONERC) or smart mobility (Mobility and Transport Engineering).

Substantial fundamental research activities address communicating sensors, e.g. sensor networks, M2M-communication, compressed sensing and data fusion. Besides generic aspects application to a variety of domains is studied at RWTH. Involved institutes mainly are from electrical engineering and computer science.

A key component of such DPS are embedded systems. Research at RWTH covers all aspects ranging from software for embedded many core systems, tools and methodologies for embedded software development, testing and verification to application specific platforms (small form factor, low cost&power vs. smart phone) and subsystems for embedded platforms like MPSoC, ASIP, accelerators, RF, mixed signal and specific sensors (from environment sensors to medical sensors). A major basis for the strong position of RWTH in this field is the research performed in UMIC and the resulting interdisciplinary collaboration between electrical engineering and computer science institutes.



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