Jonathan Wendt

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In the coming years, science and technology in virtual reality promise us new ways of entertainment and communication. The possibilities seem unlimited to us. Jonathan Ehret and his team at the Chair of Computer Graphics and Multimedia are asking themselves how we can interact with virtual humans in the future. In the following article, Jonathan Ehret reveals how he came up with VR.

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Jonathan Ehret is 28 years old and a research assistant at the Chair of Computer Science 8. He spent his entire studies at RWTH Aachen University. For one year he moved to the medieval cathedral town of Canterbury in England. It was a "super good time and fitted perfectly into my studies", he reports and continues "I can only recommend it to everyone". Surprisingly, Jonathan says that he did an internship at i12 when he was 15. Years later, when he applied for a position as a research assistant, a well-known colleague replied: "Yes, come by! From trainee to assistant and finally to research assistant.


Scientific toys

His enthusiasm for the i12 project is catching. For Ehret, the project is a combination of his two passions. The general affinity to computers and the tendency to play games are united in Virtual Reality. In the interview, he holds up VR glasses and describes it as "a cool toy, I mean a scientific toy that you can work with."

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Understanding virtual Humans

The project, supported by the ICT profile section, tries to develop a social virtual reality. Jonathan Ehret works with virtual agents. These are virtual people who are controlled by the computer. He approachs the question of how virtual agents should behave in a social situation with real people. Many components have to be operated for an interaction with a human. It is exciting that we are "trained to understand people and interpret feelings". That's why we notice when something is wrong. This is a challenge for computer science and the VR community in general. But in the next years, Jonathan wants to take up the challenge, step by step.