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Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

With the future concept 2020, the RWTH Aachen university encounters challenges of a fast changing world. One apparent change is the transition to the knowledge society. Wireless electronic media has simplified the access to knowledge dramatically. This development offers opportunities, especially in the field of knowledge transfer and processing. However, the balance between privacy and safety is an unsolved problem, particularly in mobile communication technology.

Another global challenge is the transition to an aging society. Until 2050 the number of people over 65 years increases dramatically. In the same way, an individualization of the society will result in more single-person households. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides solutions such as eHealth or Ambient Assisted Living to empower the elderly to live independently at home.
Until 2050 the majority of people lives in large cities. Emerging economies will encounter great challenges regarding Mobility and urban living. To face these problems, ICT offers technologies such as Smart Cities to reduce, e.g., pollution, traffic jams, and power consumption, as well as solutions for navigation and driver assistance systems.

All of these challenges can only be solved on an interdisciplinary level. Therefore, the RWTH Aachen University founded the interdisciplinary profile area ICT. With the Professors Stefan Kowalewski, David DiVincenzo, Detlef Grützmacher, Eva Maria Jakobs, Matthias Jarke, Sabina Jeschke, Peter Letmathe, Rainer Leupers and Jens-Rainer Ohm the expertise of five faculties of RWTH Aachen is represented at the Steering Committee (SC).

In a first step, based on a RWTH-wide survey the SC has identified the ICT core subjects in which the university is particularly strong in research. In addition, the links and overlaps with other profile fields have been developed. On this basis, the roadmap will be evolved in a next step.

Furthermore, research collaborations, projects and the establishment of project houses with a focus on information and communication technologies should be initiated.


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