Cutting-edge research - Celonis Engineering and Innovation Lab on the RWTH campus


The two global pioneers in process mining, RWTH Aachen University and Celonis, have signed a partnership agreement. The Celonis Engineering and Innovation Lab is to be built on the RWTH campus and will be used for research and development as well as for training future specialists.


The focus of the Engineering and Innovation Lab is the further development of future-oriented process mining capabilities such as process discovery, conformance checking, data-driven simulation or machine learning. The goal is to drive innovation and new approaches to process mining and execution management.

"Celonis successfully translates insights from cutting-edge research on process mining into technologies that thousands of companies can use to improve their processes and thus their performance," emphasizes RWTH Professor Wil van der Aalst, Head of the Chair of Process and Data Science at RWTH and Chief Scientist of Celonis.

Congratulations on this success!

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