*** ICT-Projekthaus Zusammenfassung ***

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Soon after the final workshop there was a announcement about the event. In the following article, we would like to go into more detail about the results of the participants of the ICT project house.


On May 28, 19 the final workshop of the ICT Project House took place. In the Ahornstraße the participants met to reflect on the project results and to give an outlook for the future. At 1 p.m. Professor Kowalewski welcomed the project participants and presented the programme for the workshop day. About 15 researchers presented project results. The workshop day ended with the ceremonial presentation of the "Young Researcher Award".

Digitalisation in the area of healthcare

The first project was "A Learning-Based Approach to Digitalization of Healthcare Services" by Kai Reimers. After a short introduction to the project, he reported on the great response in the scientific health sector. His findings on the learning-based approach using patient-generated data were published in two highly regarded journals and discussed at a medical congress. Further scientific articles on research methodology, learning processes through information structures and results from surveys are planned. Hopefully, these scientific achievements will be continued. The project received follow-up funding from the DFG.

"Using Crowdfunding Data to Measure and Predict Innovation"

Afterwards Jermain Kaminski surprised with his research project on the identification of "user innovations". He used the crowdfunding platform and analyzed video and text content. In his impressive presentations, he made clear how much potential is hidden behind machine learning. In the second half, Johanna Josten presented her project on highly automated, user-centered driving. They simulated road and motorway situations and interviewed test persons about their subjective feelings. Their findings on user acceptance are to be transferred to the fields of medical technology and human-robot interactions.

Industry 4.0

Christoph Storm presented his project work in the second half of the final workshop. Based on existing wireless technologies, new communication concepts with high resilience will be developed. After the start of "Wireless ICT for Industry 4.0" two further projects were initiated: "RobKom" and "AMIIGO".

All participants of the project house presented an impressive review of the last three years. We hope that the next three years will be just as successful.