hochschulSTART Allocation Process

Nationwide Selection Process via Hochschulstart

The study placements in the medicine and dentistry courses of study ending with a Staatsexamen degree are allocated by Hochschulstart in a nationwide selection process. Please submit your application to Hochschulstart before the deadline.

First, some placements are made in the advance quota process for special applicant groups. Then the main placement process takes place. 20 percent of the available placements are allocated to applicants with the best Abitur grades/GPAs, further 20 percent are allocated to candidates with the longest waiting times.

RWTH Aachen can allocate the remaining 60 percent of study placements using its own criteria in an independent selection process. RWTH Aachen has decided to use only the Abitur grade as selection criterion. This selection process is also administered by Hochschulstart.

Please Note

The only applicants who participate in the selection process at RWTH Aachen are those individuals who listed RWTH Aachen as one of their top three choices on their application.