The organization of the profile area is represented primarily by a Steering Committee , composed of up to eight persons from at least three faculties . Among the main tasks are

  • actively monitoring the structural development of research projects
  • and the development of subject-specific roadmaps .

Before specifying certain research areas the Steering Committee needs to perform the following tasks :

  • choose a speaker and a deputy
  • choose a consultant
  • set rules for participation in the profile area based on scientific excellence and relevance to the main topic

The membership of a Steering Committee member is 2 years while re-election is possible . The Steering Committees will receive administrative support and resources to carry out project -related actions.

The main approach of the Steering Committee is to support RWTH institute collaborations by coordinating and generating new bottom-up driven innovations and large-scale integrative projects in the areas of

  • cross-linked mobility
  • passenger and freight transport
  • and the development of the transportation related infrastructure.