" RWTH 2020: Meeting Global Challenges . The Integrated Interdisciplinary University of Technology " is the title of the future concept , with which the RWTH Aachen Univerity convinced the German Federal and State Governments in the second phase of the Excellence Initiative. The strategy of the RWTH is based on the key global challenges, such as mobility in the context of individual as well as societal needs in terms of energy and environmental issues and global urbanization trends . As a result, the enormous economic factor , which is bestoyed on the technology exporting country Germany by various mobility solutions on rail and road, should be reflected by teaching in the research area of a leading technical university.

The powerful structural response to meet such global - and therefore long-term variable - can be found in the integrated , interdisciplinary , and thus cross-facult r esearch collaborations that bring together various skills and research objectices. The idea of cross-faculty interest groups has a decades-long tradition at the RWTH Aachen University, which in the beginning started by the creation of six so-called "forums". A structural procedure of the institutional strategy, that aims to strengthen such interdisciplinary approaches , can be seen in the transformation of the former more informal set up "forums" into 8 professional "profile areas". In the future those will be visible as additional structural characteristics and organizational units of the RWTH Aachen University. Especially the youngest and very active forum " Mobility and Transport " , has taken a leading role in this transformation by shaping the corresponding profile area " Mobility & Transport Engineering " .

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