Interdisziplinary large-scale projects


The Profile Area Medical Science and Technology is involved in the existing Collaborative Research Centre "Organ Fibrosis" -SFB 57. Of particular importance for the profile area are the EU project "Human Brain Project" (Neuroscience, Medicine, Future Computing), the cooperation with "JARA-BRAIN" - Jülich Aachen Research Alliance and JARA-HPC (SIM LAB Neurosciences), the ERC Starting Grant "NeoNaNo" - Neoadjuvant Nano Medicines for vascular normalization, Ziel 2 projects "ForSaTum" - Faster realization of novel concepts for cancer therapy, the EU-project "Hypmed" - Hybrid Imaging for Breast Cancer and the BMBF project "SMITH" - Smart Medical Information Technology for Healthcare.

RWTH Aachen and the University Hospital are core partners of the European flagship project EIT Health . The EU is funding the project with 80 million euros a year - one of the largest , publicly funded initiatives in the health sector .